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We support all attributes of modular, open and customized systems design with objective to provide  our clients with user- system satisfying his requirements, local standards, site configuration,  equipment in use  and to provide his full operational independence of on producer granted by the full end-user maintenance of the system and zero life-cycle costs.

About you

  • We are asking you, how we can help you. We are oriented to client and en-user, his needs, his requests, since first days of our activities and our first projects, through all aour history. Because client will use our system in everyday basis, for years.

  • The company follows user-oriented philosophy to supply user-tailored products meeting user requirements, local standards, operational procedures and existing equipment of user

About us:

  • Our team has more than 20 years references track in design, manufacture and delivery of ATC systems and Air C2 systems. First operational systems ae dated to 1990-91 already.

  • We were part of team that constituted, controled and driven ALES companies, one of the most successful producers of ATC Industry in Czechoslovakia and East European Region.

  • We cooperate with world-wide successful companies from Czech and Slovak ATC Industry, as well as other European manufacturers with objective to design and deliver to the our client the best solution.

Open and modular system architecture, Operational benefits

  • Scalability of the operational subsystem. Customized and progressive system composition.

  • Full range of solutions, including individual modules, subsystems, standalone local systems or networking solutions

  • The operational independence of end-user on producer by it's capability of the system maintenance and operational configuration

     (e.g. radar sources update, airspace description reconfiguration, sectorization configuration,... )

  • Operational support to the user in form of consultancy, training, updates.

  • Zero life-cycle costs

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