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Radar upgrade programme

Radar is an essential part of terminal and en-route surveillance. Our radar upgrade experiences are dated to nineties, when that time constituting ALES Košice we cooperated with ELDIS to design and development of radar data extractors (1993), and TESLA radar upgrade (1996). Radar networks were built in 1994 (direct lines topology), 1996 (TCP/IP topology).

In cooperation with  
established in 1991 by former TESLA Pardubice professionals engaged in radar design, the full range of radar upgrade solutions is available enabling to improve and use existing radars, delivering new generation radars and networking radars in area of interests.

Radar upgrade

ELDIS series radar systems

Radar integration and networking

Radar upgrade program was developed as a cost-effective solution to improve radar performance, to integrate radars in advanced air control systems and to extend service life cycle of radars in use. It benefits in remarkable improvement of radar performance (Clutter Suppression, False Alarm Rates, MTBF...) and significant reduction of investments costs necessary to radar maintenance and improvements of ATM and Air C2 systems. Radars of various producers and various types (mostly airport PSR and PAR were upgraded worldwide (TESLA radars, Soviet radars, Indian radars, Western-made radars…) in extend requested by client:

  • Digital processing of radar outputs

  • Digital Scan Converters

  • PSR/SSR Radar Data Extractors

  • Upgrade of radar modules (R/T, control and diagnostics...)

  • Total refurbishment and radar upgrade

Fully solid-state highly modular configuration of various radar systems are available for our airport upgrade program as well for en-route control and air defence purposes.

ELDIS offers wide range radars covering following applications:

Precision Approach Radars
Terminal Approach Control PSR/MSSR radars
❏  Primary Surveillance Radar
❏  Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar

ransportable radar versions are available for mobile airfields and air defence, .

The main objective of radar integration and networking is to provide unique integrated surveillance picture and recognized air picture in the area of interest.

Any radar and any surveillance source
in any output can be integrated, in example:

  • Radars (Thales, Alenia, Toshiba, TRLK, ST-68, P-series...)

  • Surveillance sensors: ADS-B, MLAT, ADF, HFR

  • Other RDPS, including  AWACS

  • PSR with analogue output

Project driven network topology : any available communcation means are used for each project: Broadband networks, Digital communication channels, Dedicated lines, Fiber optics,  Leased analogue lines, Radio communication, Microwave connection, Satellite channels...

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