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Mobile and transportable towers (airports)

ATC mobile (transportable) unit is comprehensive system designed to fulfil opposed demands of tower mobility, fast deployment and optimal staff’s comfort for 24/7 operation in all seasons and in different climatic zones.. Our respective experiences are dated to 1994, when first transportable Air Force APP system was delivered. Next, we participated on the projects of Air C2 posts, and Mobile ATC towers projects and Mobile Airfirles of fact reaction.

All projects are prepared and delivered in close cooperation with our colleagues fromCompany, based on expertize-design-manufacture scheme.

Many applications of ATC mobile units are available: Mobile TWR units on trailer equipped by cabin hydraulic lifting and locking system, Transportable TWR (airport) units based on shelter configuration, Mobile military units built in shelters or in armoured vehicles, Guard towers built on vehicles... What distinguish us from similar products on the market, is open architecture of ATC mobil units::

  • Wide range of standards designs, however each unit is customized to requirements of client or even projected as brand new; with respect to unit mission, configuration, size, number of working positions, elevation height, transport features, number of shelters, etc.

  • Equipment configuration is fully customizable starting from delivery of simple unit construction only up to fully modilany configration of equipment consisit of Radio, VCSS, MET and ATC depending on client requirements, standards and equipment in use.

Other soultions are available, such as modular towers or tailored tower cabin superstructure.

Mobile ATC towers

Transportable ATC towers

Mobile airports

The most popular mobile TWR solutions:

  • Available in number of configurations of working potions, container size and numbers, chassis, elevation at an operator height (6,5m -11.5m)

  • TWR cabin system is capable of being operated in the elevated in discrete steps and fully elevated position

  • The mobile unit is deployable within in short time: mobile unit in 60 min by 2 personnel

  • Transportable by C130, An-70

The original and most used concept of mobile unit:

  • Available in number of configurations of working potions, container size and numbers

  • Used for transportable TWR, APP centres or platforms as ISO shelters or specialized superstructures (Air Force)

  • Armoured versions available

  • Easily manageable trucks with loading arms  

  • Transportable by C130, An-70

For more complex projects, configuration of mobile and transportable solution is available:

  • To easily build airports or in out-of-bounds places of regions (Africa, Asia, South America)

  • To build temporary airports facility during airport reconstruction

  • For Air Force mobile airbases needs

  • Easily manageable trucks with loading arms  

  • Optionally transportable by C130, An-70

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