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About us

The pricipal activity of iBross Company are Air Traffic Control upgrading projects, especialy for airports and heliports. Company supply turnkey services inclding all services including System design, System integration and System delviery in full extent. Company production is focused for ATC software, Mobile ATC systems, and Specialized ATC 24/7 furniture. In cooperataion with reputable partners from Еuropean ATC industry Complete range of ATC components and ATC systems is delivered, including surveillance systems, ground to air voice comunication, airport video and remoter towers.

iBross team is created by experienced IT experts from Air Traffic Control industry, having more than 25 years references track in design, manufacture and delivery of ATC systems, Air C2 systems, Civili-Military coordination. First systems, pc-based radar data or electronics strips displays, have been delivered 1990-91 already, when our team representing founders and staff of ALES Košice that time.

What is making iBross different, in our ablity to design and provide customized solutions meeting specialized requirements of different clients in various countries, as per modularity of ssytems, modifciation of system performance, integratation existing equipment of the client, upgrading and integration of older technologies (in espacialy radar systems) and capabilty to work under Western and Eastern standards, both in Air Navigation Services and Air Force users.
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