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„I had a dream to enhance ATC controller capabilities, performance and comfort, with computer based radar data display…. “   
Štefan Kacvinský, founder of ALES Košice (ALES Strakonice and ALES Trenčín).

ALES Košice has been established  by former Czechoslovakia Air Force radar and IT professionals focused on computer based airspace data processing systems, shortly after 1991velvet revolution in 1991, when they took opportunity to realize their ideas and dreams of existing radar systems improvement. We are proud havin opportunity to be part of this great team.

Some of our milestones:

1987 … introduction of PC based Radar Data Display
1989 … Civil-Military flight strips data coordination
1991 … Establishment of ALES Ltd. Košice
1991 … real operation of PC-based Radar Data Display (Hughes and ALES as the first producers worldwide)
1992 … real operation od Electronic strips (first worldwide paperless -strips implementation)
1992 … advanced ATC console design
1993 … multi-radar processor (first worldwide multi-radar implementation of both western and ex-soviet radars processing)
1993 … integration of civil and military ATC data
1993 … ACC Bratislava delivery
1993 … Establishment of ALES Ltd. Strakonice (Czech Rep)
1994 … ATC simulator
1994 … Radar Data Extractor
1995 … Air Force tactical planning and Air Space Management system  
1996 … IP-based radar network implementation
1996 … ACC Kiev delivery with full ICAO/Ghost functionality

1996 … PSR/SSR radar refurbsiment and upgrade
1997 … Establishment of ALES jsc. Trenčín
2007 ... ALES group (ALES jsc. Trenčín and ALES Ltd. Strakonice) sold to ICZ Group.
After new management taken control over ALES group, we, fulfilling of gentlemen‘ commitments to support it for three years, we have  aimed to continue in our ideas and we have chosen to focus on Air Traffic Control clients only, employing our experiences, availing of our reputation and client-oriented philosophy approach. We have decided to continue in activities of original ALES Ltd. Košice which we devoted our professional and personal destiny, and established successor's ALES Project Development Ltd., Košice Company.   
2013 …  Establishment of ALES Project Development, later renamed to iBross
2013 …
UkSATSE projects proposed, developed, tendered, awarded and managed for Eximas Co Ltd
2014 ...  Remote TWR console strudy for HungaroControl training and testing centre  
2014 ...  Skytec cooperation
2015 ...  Ghana airports equipment (Jotron supply, under realisation)

2015 ...  Baghdad Automation project (project for ATMIS)

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