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Air Traffic Control / Air Traffic Management Systems

Design, development, commissioning and after-sales support of software for Air Traffic Control Services was our primary activity we are dealing since 1989. Our principal reference is authorship on LETVIS FDP/ASM system,  development which was managed by us until 2012. One of remarkable milestones was probably first world-wide implementation of Electronic Strips in 1991-92; being supplied in sixth eFDPS  generation now for Ghana project with touch screen control capacity. Extended features as Military Tactical/ Strategic planning, FUA and aerospace ASM-1-3 levels management have been implemented since 1996.

With our partners, we support our clients with comprehensive ATC software solutions meeting latest European ATC standards and recommendations.

Area Control Centres ATC systems

Airport ATC systems

ATC Simulators

ATC system is designed to support all en-route and approach operations (planning, procedural, radar control) for both GAT (civil) and OAT (military) traffic, in any level of traffic density according to all Eurocontrol recommendations. Except of common ICAO standards compliance, the system has been customized to national (GOST, FAA) or user (Air Force) standards. System used to be operating as well as substitution or contingency of main ACC system, providing customized HMI and control, in comprehensive or particular configuration. Typical features:

  • Integrated air picture including any kind of surveillance data, planned traffic, airspace utilization, MET and AIS data.

  • Stripless system features, Sectorization and Hand-over management, CPDLC communication

  • Multi-plot/track processing of any surveillance source (radar, analogue radars, MLAT, ADS-C, ADF/VDF, HFR,..)

  • Aeronautical information data processing (NOTAMs, ASHTAMs, METARs, FORECASTs, ...)

  • Safety Nets, Progressive 4D Trajectory Prediction

  • Eurocontrol OLDI, AFTN terminal, Billing&Statistics

  • Recording&analyses of data/voice/video/screenshots, hardcopies of traffic situation

  • Hot-swap redundancy, Back-end and Front-end supervisor features, Networking options

  • COTS branded hardware, Linux robust architecture, modular performance functionality for any ATCC

ATC system‘s modularity and scalability enables to configure it for all kind of tower control and approach planning and radar control operations and use on international airports, regional airports, military airbases as well as on airports with co-operative civil-military traffic or even mobile towers. Except of compliance with Eurocontrol recommendations, ICAO standards and respective national (GOST, FAA) or user (Air Force) standards, the system is customized for local airport procedures, divergences of flight plan processing and flight plan life cycle.


System avails take advantage of ACC system performance with extended functionality for airports, typically presentation of raw-video, PAR data, ASMGS data, Touch strips, AFTN functionality, etc…

The system is scalable in a variety of configurations ranging from standalone working position of tower controller equipped with EFPDS and
/or RDD up to comprehensive airport configurations with several sectors and ATC simulator integrated.

Special configuration of system is available as MSS Regional system, where MLAT sensors serves as exclusive source of respective Wide Area Surveillance, Terminal Area Surveillance, Precision Approach Monitoring, Precision height measurement and Surveillance Monitoring Ground Control.

ATC simulator is designed to provide radar & procedural ATCO’s training of en-route (ACC), approach (APP), airport (TWR) units, on various trainings level of ATCO's Manpower Planning Processes {Qualification, Refreshment, System upgrade, Conversion, Age profile}.

Simulator is implemented on architecture of ATC system using modules dedicated for modelling of comprehensive en-route and approach airspace situation development in the area of interest based on the real aircraft performance model, air scenarios prepared in advance and trainees’ intervention (control). Specialised functionalities is met environment simulation, interfacing of 3D TWR or 4D pilot/aircraft simulators.

Simulator configuration is scalable starting from single training position; through dual ATC/SIM functionality of operational ATCO's (backup) sector sectors; up to comprehensive of specialized training centres. Simulator is available in "SIMULATOR" configuration for presentation of the most important features of operational environment or in "HIGH-FIDELITY SIMULATOR" configuration as a full-size replica of the existing controller working position (e.g. with the identical MMI, consoles arrangement..., interfaces simulations…). Both TEAM and GROUP SIMULATION configuration involving several individual or team simulations simultaneously are supported for real-time full-task simulation.

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