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ATC constructions

Many projects require tailored constructions for various purposes that are not produced serially, or they need to be adapted, typically:  equipment housing, control rooms consoles, specialized shelters, mobile units, tower cabins as well as modular towers, or masts of various purposes.   

Since nineties, we support our clients with wide range of various ATC construction, in cooperation with Company.

Although product category implies simple metal construction product, the opposite is true, especially  ATC construction.

  • Any construction, basements, housings or furniture shall meet demanding complex requirements, as they are part of sophisticated control and information systems.

  • ATC construction is subject of project driven production, where each product shall be designed often from scratch as the entirely new to match client requirements fully.

  • ATC construction shall meet high demands for design, comfort, optional configuration and functionality, especially speaking about furniture and housings.

Tower cabins, Modular towers

Shelter programme, housings

Masts, platforms

Follow-up mobile ATC units programme, we have extended our programme for another systems demanded by our clients:

  • ATC Tower Cabin superstructures designed to fit already existing concrete platform

  • ATC Modular Tower set designed as modular system of customized dimensions and design, if standard modular container design is not preferred or delivery time shall be shorter than typical concrete construction

Except of standard tower cabs equipment, many advanced features are available, e.g frame-less windows, anti-fogging/de-icing windows fittings, nano-technological windows surface protection, walkable roof, antenna holders, panoramatic camera system, controllers consoles, etc.

Mobile applications are often depending based on shelters (mostly ISO-sized), adapted to house control rooms, technological equipment:

  • Project-driven design application, with variety of configurations of working potions, built-in equipment, number/size of containers

  • Armoured versions available, with living protection against weapon of mass destruction   

  • Easily manageable trucks with loading arms  

  • Transportable by trucks, C130, An-70

  • Housings, non-standard size shelters, special cases

In case than serial products are not suitable, we supplied our clients with various version of tailored mast and platforms:

  • Mast for antenna, camera systems  

  • Mobile fast deployable masts for military mobile apps (MLAT sensors...)

  • Platforms for various constructions (radars, antenna systems…)

  • Other specialized constructions (holders…)

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