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Consoles and specialized furtinure for Air Traffic Control operators

ATC consoles grant final image of ATC system. It is first piece of ATC equipment that controller touch and the first that shall stand for  highest demands for ergonomics, comfort and durability in many years of operation,. Design or selection of proper consoles design and type is crucial to provide client with satisfaction and keep suppliers’ reputation for years.  Our first consoles and delivered to MACC Prague in 1992.
We design and manufacture ATC consoles in cooperation
with our colleagues from
Company, based on expertize-design-manufacture scheme.

Attractive and popular consoles design, modularity, top quality, excellent ratio performance&durability to cost of offered consoles can be proven by rich track of references from worldwide users (including Eurocontrol, Germany, Russian Federation, USA). The most typical features are as follows:

  • User driven design: each project stands for console’s customisation or brand new design based on client requirements and site layout.

  • Unique construction with metal frame and Dupont™ Corian™ surface (luxury material used for ultimate furniture applications) meets highest of ergonomic standards of 24/7 and ATCO’s workplaces as declared by Eurocontrol recommendations and provides unlimited durability of consoles.

  • Number of options of design,  modularity, suites' arrangements, desktop arrangement, desktop elevation, food pads, lighting with adjustment, illuminated boards, optional keyboard position, built-in drawers and shelves, frames, holders, 3D arms, strip holders/bays, monitors position e-adjustment…

  • Special consoles designs and housings are implemented for mobile solutions, containers,  transportable cenres or vehicles .

High profile consoles ("ACC consoles")

Low profile consoles ("TWR consoles")

Framed and 3D consoles

Popular consoles for ACC and APP centres in high profile design enabling equipment housing to spacious construction, with easy maintenance access, optional separate inner air-conditioning, fire protection.

Different designs, customized modifications, and variable arrangement based on room layout and client wishes.

Consoles for TWR and APP centres in low profile design enabling equipment housing, numerous options for desktop and slant area design, strips bays design, equipment arrangement, monitors access…   

Each project and each design are driven by room layout and requirements for arrangement of equipment.

Latest trends prefer light design of ATCOs’ furniture using single desktop with optional elevation framed for easy management of equipment, use of 3D arms for monitors…

Many options available for, desktop elevation, additional monitor mounts.

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